Chainsaw Safety and Awareness



How chainsaws work.
How to operate a chainsaw.
How to change blades.
This one day course has both classroom and practical components. By the conclusion of the course, students will know about hazards, personal protective equipment, sharpening, refueling, and maintenance. In addition students will be able to make the most common cuts and know which trees to avoid. There is approximately 4 hours of classroom instruction followed by actual chainsaw practice. The training is essential for aspiring firefighters or outdoor enthusiast who cut their own firewood. This training does NOT qualify students to fall trees and students will only be issued a participation certificates
1) Introduction to BC OH & S 2) Basic Chainsaw anatomy and maintenance 3) Cutting Basics 4) Practical cutting exercises 5) Written exam and practical evaluation What Students Require: 1) Weather appropriate clothing 2) Leather safety boots with good ankle support 3) Gloves with double palm 4) Safety glasses 5) Short pants are not acceptable for the course
Completion certificate
8 hours, 1 day
Must Have: Weather appropriate clothing Safety Boots with good ankle support Leather Gloves
$325.00 per person - call for group of 10 pricing.
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