Fall Protection 8 hour

Overview of why fall protection is necessary.
Identification, prioritization and control of fall hazards.
Hierarchy of fall protection.
Components of personal fall protection.
Inspection and maintenance of fall protection equipment.
Fall rescue protocols.
Provisions for establishing a rescue plan.
Self rescue techniques.
Small team assisted rescue.
Have and understanding of how falls occur.
Have knowledge of Due Diligence.
Have knowledge of Fall Protection Equipment.
Have knowledge of ways to prevent falls.
Have knowledge of when to have an emergency/rescue plan.
Have knowledge of a Fall Protection plan.
Have knowledge of Fall Protection systems.
Have knowledge of suspension trauma.
Have knowledge of Legislation.
Fall Protection provides an overview of hazards with working at heights and precautions, which should be taken to prevent injuries caused by falls from heights. Provides an overview of types of fall protection devices that are available and their intended use.
Worker Fall Protection
3 year fall awareness participation
Green Seal certified safety course
8 Hours
16 years
$145.00 per person - call for group of 20 pricing.
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