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IVES Counter Balanced Forklift Training

Phase 1: Theory Training
Trainees participate in a class were they will learn about the rules and theory behind safe forklift operation. Major topics covered are
-Rules and Regulations
-Major forklift components and their functions
-Safe work practices
-Balance and stability principles
-Fuel and Batteries
-Site Specific Topics

Phase 2: Theory Evaluation
WorkSafeBC requires all operators to demonstrate their knowledge by completing a theory evaluation. In phase 2 trainees complete a written test to show their understanding of forklift theory. Evaluation are graded and reviewed with the trainees.

Phase 3: Hands-On Training
Under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor trainees practice using the forklift.
They begin by attempting relatively simple tasks and progress to completing the tasks they will be expected to perform while working. Upon completing this phase of training every trainee will have the skills needed to perform:
-Pre-use Inspections
-Worksite awareness with limited visibility
-Working safely with pedestrians
-Traveling with and without a load
-Lifting and Placement of a load
-Parking and Shut-down procedures

Phase 4: Practical Evaluation
Every trainee performs several tasks while being evaluated by an experienced instructor. Tasks are chosen to challenge the trainee so an accurate assessment of their skill level can be made. Following the evaluation all trainees are debriefed and made aware of their operational strengths and weaknesses.
Applicable to all Forklift operators.
Gain an understanding of the regulations that govern a forklift operation in your area.
Study the most common types of forklifts and their components.
Understand why you should conduct a pre-use inspection.
Learn techniques and strategies for safely operating a forklift.
Have the opportunity to practice driving and maneuvering a forklift.
Acquire additional information on different fuel types and how to safely handle them.
Theory/ classroom Written test. Practical hands on training on a Forklift. Final Hands on skill test.
Counterbalance Forklift operation reference manual.
2 year,This ticket is nationally recognized.
Operator Certificate.
2 days
16 years old.
$260.00 per person - call for group of 12 pricing.
Please call to book this service.