IVES Scissor Lift Training

This comprehensive program consists of the following: Classroom training on the theory & operation of the machine. Includes the use of workbooks and video.
Hands on operation of the particular Elevated Work Platform machine families.
Instruction in the use of the various safety devices associated with the machine.
Evaluation is bases on participants ability to demonstrate the following:
1.Daily inspection procedure.

2.Site inspection for hazards.

3.Demonstration of safe operation of the machine.

4.Completion of a quiz on all aspects of the operation of the equipment as well as the regulations relating to the safe operation of the equipment
This scissor lift training program is designed to ensure that operator knowledge and practical skills meet current national and provincial safety standards and regulations. The course is ideal for all operators as it is designed to reinforce the importance of proper safety and handling techniques. The program addresses the following issues: Hazards, precautions, operating and emergency controls, safety devices, and safe operation Pre-start visual inspections. Inspection of the work place
3 years
2 days (16 hours)
$270.00 per person - call for group of 12 pricing.
Please call to book this service.