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Transportation of Dangerous Goods


-Identify dangerous goods by the labels, placards and documents
-Prepare or check dangerous goods documents
-Select packages or determine dangerous goods packages are safe for transport
-Label and mark dangerous goods packages or confirm labels and marks are correct
-Determine when placards are needed and the locations to place the placards
-Report and respond to potential releases or spills of dangerous goods
-Safely work with dangerous goods
Explains the requirements for receiving, handling, transporting, and shipping dangerous goods, as well as the appropriate response response in emergency situations such as spills or accidents.
Transportation of Dangerous Goods is designed to meet Transport Canada Regulations regarding training of employees who handle dangerous goods as part of their job.
Transportation of Dangerous Goods manual.
Participation Certificate.
5 - 9 hours, 1 day.
Minimum of 16 years old.
$65.00 per person - call for group of 20 pricing.
Please call to book this service.