Occupational First Aid Level 2


Basic Life Support (CPR-A)
Scene assessment
Patient assessment
Critical airway & breathing and circulatory interventions with C-spine management; including insertion of oral airways, use of oxygen therapy equipment and bag valve mask
Small wound, soft tissue, and fracture management
Demonstrate the Priority Action Approach for conscious with a decreased level of consciousness.
Identify and manage critical interventions of the airway with C-spine control.
Identify respiratory emergencies and manage critical interventions.
Identify circulatory emergencies and manage critical interventions.
Conduct the secondary survey component of the Priority Action Approach for patients requiring urgent medical attentions and patients in the first aid room.
Assess, manage, and identify the need for medical aid referral for soft tissue injuries.
The WorkSafeBC Occupational First Aid Level Two course is designed for the urban attendant. Cover medical techniques considered to be within the responsibility of the First aid industry.
Training Reference Manual and First Aid Training Guide

Initial certification requires full participation and course attendance, as well as satisfactory results in both a written and practical exam. Upon successful completion the participant will receive certification that is valid for 3 years

Occupational First Aid Level 2 is a 36 hour program
To qualify for Level 2 training and subsequent certification, a person must be at least 16 years old and have the physical and mental ability to perform first aid skills required to complete the learning tasks. No previous first aid training is required.
$620.00 per person - call for group of 18 pricing.